OFF ROAD - Revalving

Race Pace revalve. When Race Pace revalve your suspension it is tailored to the individuals weight and riding ability. From the first point of contact we will discuss with you your requirements to help you get the best available setting tailored to you.

Fork revalving included completely stripping your front forks, cleaning, inspecting service parts, revalving, rebuilding using new front fork suspension fluid, reset oil heights, clicker settings and supply setting sheet.

Shock revalve included completely stripping your rear shock, cleaning, inspecting service parts, revalve, rebuild, re oil using a vacuum pump, set nitrogen pressure, set pre-load, clicker settings and supply setting sheet.

Fork revalve from ?150 + parts.

Shock revalve from ?150 + parts.

Race Pace Suspension OFF ROAD RevalvingRace Pace Suspension OFF ROAD Revalving